appointments open on the 20th June

by suzi

Hairmasters is planning to open our books on the 20 th June for starting bookings for the 4th July.

we will be working staff over the 2  shops 4 Stony and 2 at Cosgrove all all the informational will be coming out to you on the app so download it from the App Store 

all pre booked vouchers will get first pick of the appointments before they go live if you would like to purchase them you can from the shop on the website.

thank you for supporting us and where have made some amazing upgrades to make Hairmasters the safes places to come and get hair cut .


First week time table

Saturday. Team

7am To 8 pm

aaron 7am till 8pm  Kris 7am till 1.30pm

Sam 7am till 1.30pm
Louis 1.30 till 8pm

Jade. 1.30 till 8 pm Jack 11am till 5.30pm

Dave 7am till 8pm


STONY Dave 9 to 6

Kris 9 to 6 Sam 9 to 6 Louis 9 to 6

COSGROVE Aaron9 to 6 Tony 10 to 4

Week on week normal


Aaron 9.30 till 6.15 Sam 9.30 till 6.15 Kris 9.30 till 6.15 Jade 9.30 till 6.15

COSGROVE Dave 9.30 till 615


Jack 9.30 till 6.15 Louis 9.30 till 6.15

Kris 9.30 till 6.15 Dave 9.30 till 6.15

COSGROVE Aaron 9.30 till 6.15




Aaron 9.30 till 6.15 Jack 9.30 till 6.15. Louise 9.30 till 6.15 Sam 9.30 till 6.15